Thanks for visiting Shifted Focus Headshots! We are Kevin & Mel, a husband and wife photography team based in Lancaster, PA. It’s nice to meet you 🙂

“Why headshots?”, you might ask. We have been professional singers and actors for most of our adult lives and while on a gig years ago in a beautiful part of the world, we decided to do a better job of documenting our surroundings. A good deal on a good camera steadily got us wanting to learn more and more about the equipment and how to beautifully and accurately save a memory. We had a need for some professional portraits for our work and that’s when an idea to learn how to take great headshots was born!!

Since then we’ve been able to provide photos for actors, singers, dancers, and models all over the world. Our knowledge and experience inside professional theatre and music continues to give us great insight into our clients needs.

We have finally found a wonderful home in the great performing community here in Lancaster and can’t wait to continue growing!

It's nice to meet you.
Kevin & Mel

We are humans, performers, photographers, goofballs, and lovers of lazy days and baked goods.
We can’t wait to help you with your dream!!