Headshot basics

What is an actor's headshot?

A headshot for an actor is an 8x10 photo in either landscape or portrait orientation that the actor brings with them to an audition. Over the last several years it has become increasingly common for the actor to submit their headshot digitally as well, and to use it for a website or social media content.
The actor's headshot is focused mostly on the face but can also put everything from the top of the head to the waist in frame. A headshot should look like the actor it belongs to. There's no need to wear the exact same clothes, etc. but it is necessary that the headshot is current and professionally done.
The printed headshot typically has the actor's name on the photo side either within the photo itself or within a border around the photo. We do not include prints with our packages, however the printers we recommend meet our approval and know how to apply an actors name and border. The actors resume is usually attached to or printed on the back of the photo. This is so a casting team can easily sift through headshots/resumes of their potential cast as the auditions proceed.
It is for this reason that we always say that your headshot is you when you're not in the room. It represents you while the casting team discusses your audition and if you're a good fit for their show. An actor is only in the audition room for a few minutes, but their headshot could be in front of many eyes for a much longer period of time.

when should i get headshots done?

As soon as you decide that you want to start auditioning. Don't wait until the last minute. Make your headshots part of your preparation just like researching the show and role you're interested in, the music or scene you prepare, and what you'll wear.
You should update your headshots when they start to look different than you i.e. if you've noticeably aged, changed weight, style, or hair.

what is our general process?

1. You fill out our contact form which will trigger information emails to help you select and plan your session.
2. We meet you at our studio for your session...and it goes REALLY well of course :)
3. Within a few days, we send a link via email to an online proof gallery of your session images.
4. You select the photos you'd like retouched and let us know you've decided.
5. Within a few more days, we deliver your high-resolution retouched images via email so that you can download, keep, and use them at your discretion.

Frequently asked questions

1. Do you provide prints? No, but we have trusted recommendations that we pass along to you. 

2. Should I print my headshots at drugstores, etc.? No, it's important to take your headshots to a printer who will accurately represent the product we've made with you. We have those recommendations.

3. How long does the whole process take? Give yourself 2 weeks from the time we shoot until the time you need a printed headshot. Headshots are not a last-minute endeavor.